Blair Witch

The Massacre of the Burkittsville 7: The Blair Witch Legacy is a mockumentary about serial-killer Rustin Parr, which aired on Showtime October 3, 2000. It was written, directed and produced by Ben Rock. Within the mockumentary it is theorised that Kyle Brody, the lone survivor of the murders, may have himself been involved in the murders. After Parr was hanged, Brody grew up to become a troubled adult who spent most of the latter part of his life in mental institutions before committing suicide in 1971.


Film archivist Chris Carrazco explores the history surrounding the life of notorious Burkittsville serial killer Rustin Parr. He shows the viewers his extensive research into the case and he produces old newspaper clippings as well as original transcripts from the Rustin Parr murder trial. Carrazco's research unearths some startling insights into the case as a whole.

His research focus on Kyle Brody, who was one of eight children allegedly abducted by Parr. He is also the only one to survive the Burkittsville Massacre and was a key witness in Parr’s trial. By examining the background of Brody himself as well as his life after the trial, Carrazco posits that Brody was not really a victim. But rather he suggests that Brody actually guided Parr in the murders and was in fact the mastermind of the whole affair. Brody grew up in a troubled life and was eventually committed to the Maryland State Institute for the Criminally Insane in Baltimore.

Other people in the interview includes Janine Brody, sister of Kyle Brody, who contests that Kyle could not have been anything but a normal boy; Dominick Cazale, a former priest who had the fortune of hearing the confession of Rustin Parr. On the day of his execution, Parr revealed to Father Cazale that he never killed anyone. Doctor David Hooper, the filmmaker responsible for the 1969 documentary White Enamel, which showcased the internal workings of life inside the Maryland State Institute. White Enamel also shows archival footage of Kyle Brody's last days as he is seen cowering in the corner of his room naked screaming the words “Never Given!” over and over again. There are also scenes of Brody scribbling down words in a forgotten witches language known as "Transitus Fluvii" - the same language seen written in blood on the walls of the upstairs room in Rustin Parr's house.

In the end, Kyle Brody took his own life in 1971. The true nature of Kyle Brody's involvement in the murders and his relationship to the urban legend known as the Blair Witch has yet to be revealed.

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