Blair Witch
Book of Shadows Dossier

The book

The Book of Shadows is a short story featured in the fictional magazine Tales of the Uncanny by August Simpson, which is featured in the Dossier for Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.


Sir Ian Connors and John Davis track and ancient evil across the Atlantic - and find themselves face-to-face with their own long-buried past! A full-length thriller from the author of "The Monkey's Other Paw."


It was the damnedest thing I ever saw, and was about to say so. But the widow Penrose beat me to it.

"Oh my heavens! Mr. Hawley!" she said. "The table!"

The Hawley Mrs. Penrose was referring to was our host-Mr. Alistair Hawley-and the table was the round wooden one in front of us, covered by a red cloth. Nothing much out of the ordinary about the table, no sir...unless you count the fact that it was floating up about an inch off the ground.

Besides the red cloth, there were almost five linked pairs of hands on the table, belonging to myself, Miss Jennifer Smith(Mrs. Penrose's private secretary) , Hawley, Mrs. Penrose, and my employer, Sir Ian Connors.

We were all participating in a seance, being conducted by Mr. Hawley in great style. His eyes were closed, he was moaning softly to himself, and like I said-

The table was floating in the air.

It had gone up slowly, barely an inch at first, starting with the side directly opposite Hawley. The wooden leg there trembled for a moment, as if asking to launch itself off solid ground. Then, apparently having found the courage to give up on gravity, it rose a full three inches all at once.