Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Chronicles is a four-issued comic series published by Oni Press. It is written by Jen Van Meter and illustrated by Bernie Mireault, Guy Davis, and Tommy Lee Edwards.


Following the 1999 release of Artisan Pictures' The Blair Witch Project, the world became aware of an urban legend birthed in the dark forests of Burkittsville, Maryland. The Blair Witch Project was a chilling and innovative example of horror cinema, but it was only a part of the story. These unique comic book tales expand on the legend of the Blair Witch, delving deeper into the origins of the mysterious woman Elly Kedward and the influence her presence has had on the small East Coast town over the years. From the murders at Coffin Rock and the tragic story of Rustin Parr, through the '50s and schoolboy pranks gone wrong to the '90s and a Wiccan coven's attempts to cleanse the woods, the true mystery of the Blair Witch has only begun to be unraveled.

Issue #1[]

Issue #2[]

Issue #3[]

Issue #4[]

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