Blair Witch
Tappy creek

The Tappy East Creek is a very shallow stream that runs along the east border of Burkittsville, Maryland.

In August of 1825, a young girl named Eileen Treacle drowned in the river. Eleven eye-witnesses claimed to have seen a ghostly hand reach up out of the water and pull the girl under. Despite a search of the river, Eileen's body was never found.

Several days later, the creek mysteriously became clogged with oily bundles of sticks, rendering the water useless for thirteen days. Several animals got sick as a result, while a man wandered by the creek sometime after and drank the water, which resulted in his death.

Mary Brown once saw a half-human, half-animal beast near the creek that she believed to be the Blair Witch.

The Blair Witch Files: The Drowning Ghost[]

When doing research on the casefile The Drowning Ghost, Cade Merrill discovered that investigators had detected the presence of the chemical Phelsine in the water. Phelsine was a chemical present in blood that could not by itself exist in water.

Blair Witch (2019)[]

Ellis makes his way to the Tappy East Creek Sawmill by railcar while avoiding the Witch's minions. There he has his first head-on encounter with Carver, and discovers the body of Todd Mackinnon who he watches get murdered on tape, while fleeing from Carver.