Blair Witch

Robin Weaver (1878 – ?) was a resident of Burkittsville, Maryland.

Robin Weaver

At the time of her dissappearance, she was known to have been living with her grandmother Bess Weaver.[1]


As a child, Robin was considered to be eccentric.

In March of 1886, eight-year-old Robin encountered a woman in the woods whose feet never appeared to touch the ground. The old lady led her by the hand to a house in the woods, took her into the basement and left her there, telling her that she would be right back. When the woman did not return for several hours, Robin got scared, crawled through a window, escape from the old lady house and running home.

While Robin was missing, a search party had been dispatched into the woods to find her, but they never returned so a second search party was sent out to find the first. They found the group at Coffin Rock, nude, tied together with rope, and disemboweled with strange pagan symbols carved into their foreheads, hand and feet. The men had been alive when the torture took place. The party went for help, but when they returned, the bodies had vanished without a trace.

Robin continued to live in Burkittsville at least until the age of fifty, never again going into the woods.[2] She refused to discuss the incident for the rest of her life outside of her family; and her family maintained she quickly forgot most of the details of what happened, but the image of the woman's face and smile stayed with her for the rest of her life.

Sometime around 1943-1944, Bill Barnes and Luther Cravens were hanging around the steps of the general store in Burkittsville. As they were talking about sending a killer to fight the Germans in the ongoing Second World War. Luther jokingly suggested giving that killer the voices that made Rustin Parr kill. At that moment, Robin passed by, overhearing the conversation. She then agreed with Luther's suggestion, saying that she knew those voices.