Blair Witch
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Mary Brown (born 1931) was a woman who has lived in Burkittsville all her life. She once saw the Blair Witch near Tappy East Creek in the form of a hairy, half-human, half-animal beast.


As a child, she was schoolmates with most of the Burkittsville Seven although of the seven she was only friends with Kyle Brody. On July 23, 1941, she appeared to be communicating with the spirit of Emily Hollands. Mary attempted to warn her off from trusting a "she" but it was unclear if she was successful. Her communication was interrupted by a woman named Elspeth Holliday. Elspeth asked her a few questions which led Mary Brown to ask her help for finding Brownie. The two then parted ways.[1]

Mary was interviewed by Heather Donahue in October of 1994 for her documentary on the Blair Witch, where she told of her encounter with the being.

In December 23 of that same year, she called Sheriff Ron Cravens. According to her, she had just seen an apparition of Joshua Leonard appear outside of her trailer. In her description she said he was missing teeth and holding onto his side, screaming and in apparent pain.

On February 26, 1996, she was interviewed by investigator Buck Buchanan with regards to those same subjects. The interview was later published in the Blair Witch Dossier.

According to Mary Brown, she spoke to the Blair Witch Hunt tour group in June 23, 1999, warning them of the impending trouble that they would face. Later that year when they would be accused of killing members of the Blair Witch Walk group as well as two of the Blair Witch Hunt's own members.[2]