Blair Witch

Lee Papert appears in the novel The Witch's Daughter, as part of The Blair Witch Files.


Originally born Louise Irwin, in the year 1926. At the age of 13, her parents Thomas and Katharine both died of salmonella poisoning, as well as her uncle Frank. Forced to move in with her wicked Aunt Mary, where she only stays briefly. Her aunt beat her and chopped her hair off and left her at Oakbridge Home For Boys in Sykesville, Maryland. Forced to pretend to me a boy, she was ruthlessly tormented there by the adults who ran the home, brother and sister, Gus and Alma Ketterly. But that was nothing compared to the constant harassment from the old boys, Harper Kemp, Randall Robinson, John Boyle, and Theodore Franks. A few months later the older boys learned her secret, that she was really a girl, causing the physical abuse to deescalate, but the mental to abuse to grow. After spending two years at the home, at the age of fifteen, the boys decided that Lee had to go. They were fearful about the backlash on them from the caretakers if they discovered they knew she was a girl. Late one night in October 1941, they pounced, with a knife held to her neck she was carried into the forest and tied to a tree. She was left there naked tied up until just past eight in the morning, where she was discovered by Gus and Alma.

The following day Alma drove Lee up to Babcock, West Virginia, to the Girls Orphanage. On the way to take her there, a freak snowstorm hit causing Alma to loose control of the car and hit a tree, Alma was killed in the accident.

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