Blair Witch

Lane was a local of Burkittsville and Blair Witch enthusiast.


Lane began writing information about the Blair Legend and related articles on his blog darknet666blog in December 2013.

On April 27, 2014, Lane discovered a DV tape in the Black Hills Forest which its footage shows a frantic cameraman running through a mysterious house. He then uploaded a copy of the tape online, which eventually caught the attention of James Donahue, the brother of one of the missing people, Heather Donahue. Lane and his girlfriend, Talia, reached out to James and agreed to helping him in his journey to find his sister. After meeting James and his friends, Lane and Talia insisted on camping in the forest with them, claiming to know the route through the area.

After arriving at the forest, Lane and Talia led the four and when they camped out, the two of them planted stick figures around their campsite, similar to the ones found by the trio in 1994. However, this was uncovered by the group, who banished them from their camp. However, Lane and Talia found themselves lost in the woods and returned to the camp, disheveled and hungry, claiming to the group that they been wandering for five days without a sunrise. Lane was driven insane and believes that the camp is a hallucination created by the Witch and runs off, leaving Talia.

Following this, Talia and two members of the group were slaughtered by the Witch, and James and Lisa Arlington discovered the house where Rustin Parr murdered the children. There, Lane was found by a horrified Lisa and he sported longer hair and a beard, indicating that perhaps months, or even years, had passed from his perspective. Lane, believing that the Witch would release him if he followed her instructions, knocked Lisa unconscious and dragged her into an underground tunnel. However, Lisa regained consciousness and escaped, though Lane confronted her once again and was stabbed in the neck, killing him.