Blair Witch

Kyle Brody

Kyle Brody was a child of Burkittsville and one of eight children kidnapped by Rustin Parr in the early 1940s, and the only one to survive Parr's massacre. Why he was spared remains a mystery.


Brody was the son of Michael and Caroline Brody and the brother of Janine Brody. He had two uncles who were the brothers of his father. The uncles perished during a mining accident that left Brody's father severely scarred.


Along with his friend Emily Hollands, Brody was the second child abducted by Rustin Parr on December 5, 1940. He and seven other children were supposedly lured by Parr up to his mountain house with promises of candy. Although most of the children didn't know each other, Kyle was known as the only one to actually know each of them prior to the abduction.

As Parr brought the kids to his basement in pairs, Kyle was forced to face a corner while Parr killed and mutilated the children. Sometimes after he killed a child, Parr asked Brody, "Do you hear her? Do you hear the woman's voice?" And Parr promised each time that he would bring someone else down.

After Parr finished off the seventh child, the "woman" said that Parr was done and that she would leave him alone if he told everyone in town that he murdered the children. So Parr let Kyle go.

Aftermath of the Abduction[]

Brody testified at Parr's trial in July of 1941. This led to Parr being sentenced to death on July 17.

Brody was not the same for the first few months after his abduction. Most of the time, he just stayed in his room, facing a corner, or sitting on his house porch, completely quiet. At his school, Brody wrote strange symbols and words on pieces of paper. At some point he stole Mary Brown's stuff toy Mr. Brownie from her.[1]

One day, a woman named Dr. Elspeth Holiday came on an investigation of her missing niece. Holiday was actually an agent of a secret agency called "Spook House" that investigated strange occurrences, and Holiday was assigned to investigate Parr's murders. Most of her research and investigation turned to Brody. Brody eventually made his way to Coffin Rock and apparently tore out its stuffing. He then followed Holliday to Rustin Parr's house. There he and Holliday bore witness to a scene from the future wherein a girl was killed in the house that had supposedly long been burned down already. He also dropped a drawing while fleeing the site.[1]

Eventually, Holliday caught up to Brody while he was fleeing from the Church. As she was chasing him, the entity that had been possessing Brody seemingly left him. Holliday attributed his possessed actions as being committed by the Blair Witch. Brody then confessed to Holliday his part in the affair.[1]

According to him, he had been telling people to do things upon the say so of the entity. Rustin Parr's judge had been killed because he had somehow heard of Rustin Parr's real confession. He also mentioned that Gersten, the owner of the town's newspaper, had found out who had killed the judge. He then pointed out the body of Gersten having been stuffed under the First Church of Burkittsville. He also mentioned that he had been telling another person to commit certain crimes including the murder of Gersten. Holliday deduced that it was Pastor Stephen Ascot. She then ordered Kyle to go home before chasing after the Pastor.[1]

Kyle Brody Timeline[]

  • 1939 - Kyle Brody meets the visiting priest Father Dominick Cazale, who is supposed to hold a mass at the Brody home. However his father Michael Brody tells Cazale that they will have to cancel, as his wife Caroline has just given birth.
  • July 16, 1947 - Kyle Brody is arrested for panhandling in Baltimore, Maryland. His family does not put up the small bail required by the court, indicating that they might have been through this before.
  • September 3, 1947 - Judge Clyde Bianca of the Baltimore district court releases Brody. Brody seems to vanish for a period of two years. He finally turns up in Leesburg, Florida. Presumably, he "rode the rails" around the country.
  • May 12, 1956 - Brody is booked and arrested for an unknown charge.
  • August 1, 1956 - Brody is arrested for vagrancy and resisting arrest in Leesburg, Florida.
  • December 21, 1956 - Brody is again arrested in Leesburg, Florida, this time for public indecency. He urinated in a public fountain, and once again resisted arrest. It is discovered that he is also still wanted in Maryland. He is extradited back to Baltimore.
  • December 27, 1956 - Brody arrives in Baltimore and his state-appointed attorney attempts to use an insanity plea to get Brody out of jail and into a mental institution.
  • January 15, 1957 - Dr. Alvin Frasier reviews Brody's case, and has him committed at MSICI Maryland State Institute for the Criminally Insane in Baltimore.
  • 1952.-1961 - Janine Brody, Kyle's sister, fights to have him removed from the home for the "criminally insane". Her stated belief to the court is that her brother is not a rapist or a murderer, and therefore belongs in a more "compassionate" place.
  • March 5, 1961 - Janine gets her wish, and Kyle is sent to the Reston Hills Sanitarium in Atlanta, GA. There he is a problem for both inmates and workers.
  • June 2, 1966 - Sanitarium officials unable to deal with his outbursts, Kyle Brody is sent back to MSICI.
  • June 21. 1966 - Dr. David Hull and Dr. Harlan Miles are assigned to co-case work Kyle Brody. Dr. Hull leaves facility after eight months. Dr. Miles is promoted to an administrative position in 1970.
  • March 10–15, 1969 - White Enamel is shot at MSICI.
  • March 1, 1971 - Kyle Brody commits suicide at MSICI in his room, goring his own wrists with a wooden spoon that he sharpened on the cement floor of his cell.


  • In the Blair Witch Files book The Dark Room, Cade Merill mentions that Kyle Brody committed suicide at the age of 22. This contradicts the timeline later established by The Secret Confession of Rustin Parr and The Massacre of the Burkittsville 7: The Blair Witch Legacy which both establish that Brody died much later.
  • According to Ben Rock, who happened to oversee most of the tie-in material for the Blair Witch franchise at the time as well as directing the The Massacre of the Burkittsville 7: The Blair Witch Legacy, Kyle Brody was the real killer behind the murders, not Rustin Parr, as Parr supposedly couldn't have committed the murders himself.[2]