Blair Witch

Heather Donahue (1972 - c. October 28th, 1994) was a film student of Montgomery College who disappeared while filming a documentary on the Blair Witch.



Heather was the daughter of Jim and Angie Donahue, the granddaughter of Randy and Sadie Donahue, the sister of James Donahue and the cousin of Cade Merrill.

Heather lived in Montgomery County, Maryland, and attended Wheaton High School. During a school production of Romeo and Juliet, she became best friends with Rachel Meyer.

The Blair Witch Project

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Heather on first day of shooting.

In April of 1994, Heather submitted a proposal to Michael DeCoto to create a documentary on the Burkittsville-area legend of the Blair Witch. She intended to tell the story of the Blair Witch.

Bw shot3l

Heather in Black Hills Forest.

The three students disappeared in the Black Hills Forest and were never found. After ten days and thousands of man-hours of searching, the only piece of evidence found was Josh's car.

Film Footage

In October 1995, a University of Maryland anthropology class uncovered the filmmaker's footage buried in the stairwell under the foundation of a colonial-era house. Federal examiners analyzed the footages.


Heather kept a journal during the filming of The Blair Witch Project. It was recovered along with the film footage.

Blair Witch Volumes (Video Game series)

Heather is briefly seen being killed.

Blair Witch (2016)

BlairWitch2016 - Heather

Heather appears before James in an illusion.

Twenty years after Heather's disappearance, her brother James begins his search into finding his missing sister, only to suffer the same fate as Heather. Though her ultimate fate is unknown, an apparition of Heather did briefly manifest to James, with her white cardigan reduced to rags and a hat on her head. However, its believed that the "illusion" is actually the Blair Witch herself using Heather's form to torment and haunt him.



  • Heather was not the youngest of the 3 as sometimes assumed - she was born 1972. Josh 1975 and Mike in 1970.
  • During pre-production for Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, three different drafts were written which had Heather, Josh and Mike returning in yet another found-footage style story.[1]