Blair Witch
Elly Kedward

Ominous depiction of the infamous witch

Elly Kedward (1729 - February 1785) was an Irish woman who was banished from the town of Blair after several local people accused her of witchcraft.


Elly Kedward, was born under the name Eilis Abaigeal Kedward in 1729 to Deiniol Aodhan (father) and Aedammair McAthain (mother) in Glengarriff, Ireland. Little time after her birth, her mother bled out and passed away, making Elly Kedward an orphan. Within a short time after her mother's death, a grifter finds Elly Kedward and leaves her at a Catholic orphanage. A while later, she starts writing her diary. There, she describes the abuse she suffers in foster care, and how she hides in fantasies. Her fantasies include her very own army, which are dolls made out of twigs (she describes them as "companions and protectors against the beasts of the world"). She finally flees the orphanage, to Skibbereen. There, Elly Kedward is attacked by bullies and then emprisonned, accused of being a child whore. The only thing she has left are her fantasies, her only possessions are "bitterness, anger, resentment and fury"[1]

In February 1785, several children accused her of luring them into her home to draw blood from them. She was found guilty of sucking blood, banished from the village during a particularly harsh winter, and presumed dead. Different reports state that the town dragged her into the woods, tied her to a tree and left her for dead.

Young children from the township returned to investigate if Elly had died yet. They found her alive and still tied to the tree, the children sent dogs after her, and slashed her with sticks and knives. They dipped their hands in her blood and press handprints into her flesh before untying her and hanging her from the very same tree.

By midwinter, all of Elly Kedward's accusers, along with half of the town's children vanished. Fearing of being cursed or bewitched, the townspeople fled Blair and vowed never to utter the name Elly Kedward again.



  • Elly Kedward's name is a play on the name of Edward Kelley, an English Renaissance occultist and self-declared spirit medium.[2] He claimed to be able to summon spirits or angels in a "shew-stone" or mirror, and may have invented an "angelic language" he claimed to use to speak to them.
  • Elly's complete name was either Eilis Abaigeal Kedward or Elizabeth Abigail Kedward.


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