Blair Witch

"The worst sins are the ones we choose to forget."

Ellis Jeremy Lynch is a former police officer and a war veteran. He is the protagonist of the Blair Witch game.

He also accidentally killed Peter Shannon's older brother when Adam was trying to rob a convenience store, unarmed. He is plagued by PTSD from both his time as a soldier in war and from the memory of what he did to Peter.


Ellis is seen to be wearing a jacket that is similar to a 1980's Sheriff's coat in a shade of dark brown and a gray undershirt.


Blair Witch: The Game[]

In 1996, two years after the events of the first film, veteran and former police officer Ellis Lynch (voiced by Joseph May) alongside his police dog Bullet, travels to Black Hills Forest in Burkittsville, Maryland to join the search party for missing 9-year-old Peter Shannon. During his search, he regularly contacts search party leader and close friend Sheriff Emmet Lanning, who is concerned about Ellis' PTSD and mental health.

Prior to the game's events, Ellis had a traumatic childhood riddled with psychological issues. After experiencing dissociative amnesia, he also forgets his childhood best friend who went missing in Black Hills Forest. As an adult, he was encouraged by his colonel father to enlist in the military, however the Gulf War worsened his mental state after witnessing his squad's death and accidentally killing an innocent woman. After his discharge, he marries a woman named Jess and becomes a police officer, but a PTSD episode causes him to accidentally kill a burglar, Peter's brother Adam. Jess separates from Ellis, and Lanning gifts him Bullet to help cope with his trauma. Upon hearing about Peter's disappearance, he joins the search party to relieve his guilt over killing Adam.

After finding Peter's hat and following his scent, Ellis and Bullet reach a campsite, where Ellis finds a working camcorder before blacking out and waking up to night falling. Ellis realizes he could use the camera and recovered tapes to manipulate reality and time around him. Although he agrees with Lanning to rendezvous at the campsite, he decides to continue so Bullet would not lose Peter's scent. Ellis and Bullet eventually arrive at a crooked white tree with black vines, and they are attacked by several silhouetted creatures, with the option to scare them off with his flashlight. He discovers a tape that shows Peter's abduction by a mysterious figure. The two find a broken down truck that suddenly becomes Lanning's police vehicle. Inside, they see a police report of a missing lumberer named Todd Mackinnon, with the report showing that they have moved forward in time to the year 2000. A mysterious voice on the radio advises them to turn on the lights, which transports them to the next morning. They find Lanning dead, with another tape showing his murder by Peter's abductor.

As they continue with their search, Ellis continues to black out and recover in the campsite, often experiencing erratic time jumps and nightmares reliving his traumatic past. He manages to find himself in a lumber mill, where he decides to call Jess one last time and declines Jess's suggestion to back out from the search. He discovers the corpse of Mackinnon, who had been murdered by Peter's kidnapper. He finally confronts the abductor, a disheveled man named Carver, who talks about a mysterious "her" and stresses that Peter must die because it's "her will," as he knocks out Ellis.

Ellis awakens at the decaying campsite some time in the future, where Carver instructs Ellis to locate the white tree, make an effigy, and then kill Bullet. Ellis refuses to kill his dog; Bullet runs off and is found injured, but Ellis' attempts to rescue his dog is in vain as he passes out and wakes up with Bullet disappearing. After taunting him of Bullet's supposed death, Carver leaves a videotape that Ellis uses to transport to a decrepit house, where he is haunted by a woman's voice and sees visions where he could kill Lanning and Mackinnon. He manages to make his way to the basement, but does not find Peter. A trapdoor leads him to Carver, who reveals himself to be an alternate, older Ellis. After Ellis had separated from Jess, he traveled with Bullet to the forest to live in isolation, where he was driven insane by the Blair Witch and became subservient to her instructions to kill. With the forest transporting him to different time periods, he was responsible for abducting and killing his childhood friend, and later abducting Peter, which led the younger Ellis to the forest.

Ellis later escaped the forest, along with Bullet.