Blair Witch

This letter was addressed to Cade Merrill and was delivered by a strange boy, about 12-years-old, who said it was delivered to his house by mistake. The boy would later claim his name was Joe, but Cade was mistrustful. The letter had no return address. Inside the envelope was a single sheet of thick typing paper, the text double-spaced in the middle of the page. Cade also noted that "the letter wasn't even signed. Instead, at the bottom of the page, there was a name typed all in lower case, as if the sender had tried to make herself as small and anonymous as possible."


Dear Cade Merrill,

You've got to help me. I've been convicted of a murder I did not commit. I know all about you. You are the only person who will understand. The real killer is the Blair Witch. Elly Kedward. Nobody believes me, thought.

I am going to die. Soon. Don't ask me how I know this. I just know. Before it's too late, I want you to tell my story. But if I do, you'll die too. Just like all the others.

Everyone else I've told my story to is dead. Nobody has heard it and survived. But I have to tell someone what really happened. I don't want to die being the only one to know the truth.

Please come see me before it's too late. I'm begging you.

eliza baynes


  • The Blair Witch Files: The Prisoner - Chapter 2