Blair Witch

DEFENSE WITNESS DIES IN FREAK ACCIDENT was an article published Wednesday July 8, 1998. It reported the freak death of Eliza Baynes' psychiatrist Dr. Zachary Clauson.


Dr. Zachary Clauson, the court-appointed psychiatrist for accused murderer Eliza Baynes, was killed last night in a freak auto accident. Dr. Clauson, the defense's main witness, was scheduled to take the stand today. Defense attorneys requested a three-day continuance in order to find a new psychiatrist to examine Baynes. But before Judge Jonathan Smith could make a ruling, the defendant became hysterical, insisting she wouldn't talk to anyone else. She had to be forcibly removed from the courtroom, and court was adjourned for the day.


  • The Blair Witch Files: The Prisoner - Chapter 2