Blair Witch

Carver is the main antagonist of the Blair Witch Game. He kidnaps Peter Shannon and leaves behind the tapes you find throughout the game.


Carver is seen to have a bloody beard. He appears to be burned and scarred, and sticks are fastened to him. He walks barefoot and wears shabby, old clothing.


Near the end of the game it's revealed that Carver is Ellis after being trapped in the Black Hills Forest for an undisclosed amount of time.

In the good ending Carver will kill Ellis, after Ellis tells him to be a man and shortly afterwards Carver will cease to exist. In the bad ending Ellis will kill Carver and Carver while laughing saying "She always wanted you to become me...." that being his last words in the "Take his face ending".


  • "You are me! I am all you have! I am what you become!"

- just before he kills Ellis in "Break the cycle"