Blair Witch

The Camcorder is a handheld video camera utilized by various characters in the Blair Witch universe.

Blair Witch (Game)[]

In 1996, while searching the Black Hills Forest for a missing 9-year-old boy, police officer Ellis Lynch came across a camcorder sitting atop a stump at an abandoned campsite. Through the use of various tapes, he is able to manipulate reality to solve puzzles, or see in the dark.

The Absence of Closure[]

In 2016, James Donahue, and a group of friends ventured into the Black Hills Forest in an attempt to find answer as to what happened to his sister, one of which utilized a camcorder that was a much older model compared to the more modern models utilized by the others.


  • The exact model of this particular camcorder is a RCA PRO884HB Hi8 Camcorder.

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