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The Burkittsville Seven were seven children in Burkittsville, Maryland, who were supposedly kidnapped and killed by Rustin Parr on November 13, 1940 to May 20, 1941.[1]

The Burkittsville Seven were four girls and three boys.


Beginning on November 13, 1940, Parr kidnapped eight children (Emily Hollands, Terra Shelly, Stephen Thompson, Michael Guidry, Eric Norris, Julie Forsyth, Margaret Lowell, and Kyle Brody) and took them to his secluded house in the Black Hills Forest, where they were ritualistically murdered. Only one child, Kyle Brody, was spared, as he was released by Parr himself.

On May 25, 1941, Parr came into Burkittsville and told the townspeople of his crimes.[1] The police hiked to Parr's house and discovered the bodies of the children, who had been buried for over 4 months. All the children had markings on their foreheads while some had additional markings on their forearms and backs. Strangely enough, some of the bodies displayed a level of decomposition consistent with being buried for a week, while other bodies displayed a level equivalent to only being buried for an hour.[2]

Parr was arrested and he admits to everything in detail, telling authorities that he did it for "an old woman ghost." On July 17, Parr was tried in court on seven counts of first-degree murder and declared guilty by the jury.[1] He was sentenced to death by hanging on November 22.[1]

Kidnapped victims[]




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