• ElectricFire 169

    There's a couple things wrong with this theory that I'd like to point out - the amount of unnecessary effort the two guys would have to go through when they could just have got it out of the way immediately, disposing of the video evidence (let's not forget that the footage was discovered beneath the foundation of the house you see - a house that, according to history, burned down, the fact that Mike and Josh never returned to their families (at least according to OFFICIAL media for the franchise), and the biggest point of all, that Heather actually SEES a creature in the woods at night that is presumed to be the Blair Witch - something that would be too difficult to convincingly stage.

    So here's an alternate theory for you which is partly …

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  • Doddledandy

    More activity!

    August 27, 2012 by Doddledandy

    Although it has been 5 months since the last blog post, I thought I would give an update. Recently, I've undertaken the task of adding more to this dead wiki as well as editing and "freshening up" the place with newer material. Although the Blair Witch Project is not a very popular topic nowadays, I am still dedicating some of my time to keeping it alive. The admin seems to be busy with other things and I would like to undertake the position of admin because I know I'd have more time to keep this wiki going. If anyone is reading this, bring your friends along - help keep this wiki alive!

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  • Rokklaggio

    This wikia looks dead to me, and I'm sure it's not really progressing as far as it should.

    We really do need some admins on here to help get the ball rolling.

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