Blair Witch

Blair Witch Volume II: The Legend of Coffin Rock is a survival horror video game developed by Human Head Studios for Microsoft Windows in 2000. It is the second volume of the Blair Witch trilogy.


During the American Civil War, a dying Union soldier with amnesia is rescued by some villagers. In return, he agrees to help them find their missing children and goes to the haunted Burkittsville forest in this survival horror action adventure. Armed with sword and pistol, you make your way through the supernatural woods, hoping to find some answers.



MacNichol's Men[]

  • Cpl. William Newhouse
  • Pvt. Arthur F. Mosely (Local)
  • Pvt. Patrick G. "Skunk" Moore


  • Anne Forrester (Mentioned)
  • Maj.Thomas Belling
  • 2 union Soldiers
  • Missing Man Poster
  • Girl in Picture (Carried be Confederate Soldier)
  • 3 Confederate Soldiers at Farm
  • 6 Confederate Soldiers at Train Tracks
  • 1 Confederate Soldier (Runs Away)
  • 3 Confederate Soldiers at Near Creek
  • 9 Confederate Soldiers in Woods
  • Young Confederate Soldier who got Possated


  • Robin Weaver
  • Bess Weaver
  • Jimmy Weaver (Bess' Son, Mentioned)
  • Mrs. Weaver (Robin's Mother, Mentioned)
  • 5 Men:
    • Paster Vance
    • Tom
    • Jeb
    • Andy
    • 5th
  • Peter Durant
  • Eileen Treacle (Mentioned)
  • Steuben (Blind Bavarian immigrant)
  • Missing Man Poster at Building next to the Train Tracks.
  • Children Spirits in Stones


  • 2nd Search Party
  • (Help)


  • some Cows



  • The intro is taken from the footage where Heather and her film crew came to Coffin Rock.