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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is the second film in the Blair Witch series and was directed by Joe Berlinger. Initially intended to be a psychological thriller and an analysis of mass hysteria such as that associated with the original film, Artisan Entertainment drastically re-cut and re-purposed Berlinger's original film as a more conventional horror film, altering the soundtrack as well as making editing changes and adding additional footage. The film was released in theaters in North America on October 27, 2000 to largely negative reviews from critics and audiences; it was, however, a financial success, grossing $47 million worldwide against its $15 million budget. The film would be the last in the series until Blair Witch was released in 2016 by Lionsgate, the company that bought out Artisan Entertainment.


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  • Jeffrey Donovan as Jeffrey "Jeff" Patterson
  • Erica Leerhsen as Erica Geerson
  • Stephen Barker Turner as Stephen Ryan Parker
  • Kim Director as Kim Diamond
  • Tristine Skyler as Tristen Ryler
  • Lanny Flaherty as Sheriff Ronald Cravens
  • Lauren Hulsey as Eileen Treacle
  • Raynor Scheine as Rustin Parr
  • Kennen Sisco as Peggy, the store cashier
  • Kevin Murray as Doctor
  • Keira Naughton as Nurse
  • Real People:
    • Roger Ebert
    • Jay Leno
    • Conan O'Brien
    • Andy Richter
    • Kurt Loder
    • Chuck Scarborough
  • From Previous Film:
    • Heather Donahue
    • Michael C. Williams
    • Joshua Leonard
  • Bruce D. Reed as as Burkittsville Resident #1
  • Lynda Millard as Burkittsville Resident #2
  • Deb Burgoyne as Burkittsville Resident #3
  • Andrea Cox as Burkittsville Resident #4
  • Joe Burlinger as Burkittsville Tourist #1
  • Sara Phillips as Burkittsville Tourist #2
  • Pete Burris as MBI Man #1
  • Ed Sala as MBI Man #2
  • Robert M. Kelly as MBI Man #3
  • Briton Green as Stoner #1
  • Erik Jensen as Stoner #2
  • Peggy K. Chang as Foreigner #1
  • Tony Tsang as Foreigner #2
  • Anja Baron as Foreigner #3
  • Tyler Zeisloft as Teenager #1
  • Richard Kirkwood as Teenager #2
  • Justin Fair as Teenager #3
  • Brilane Bowman as Ham Lady
  • Dina Napoli as Reporter, Fox 45
  • Jacqui Allen as Reporter
  • Sloane Brown as Reporter, WJZ 13
  • Karen Tsen Lee as (Voice)
  • Uncredited:
    • Heidi Burger as Print Reporter
    • Brian Dragonuk as Angry Citizen at Courthouse
    • Armen Garo as Doctor
    • Nasi Glekas as Security Guard
    • Cathy Haase as First Nurse
    • Oscar Haynes as Videographer
    • Rick Kain as On Camera News Reporter
    • Julie Mabry as Hiker in Woods
    • Martin Pfefferkorn as Mental Patient
    • Chad Ridgely as Photographer
    • Ryan Slattery as (uncredited)

Other Characters:

  • Stephen & Tristen's unborn Baby

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"The Secret of Esrever"


Critical reaction to Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 upon release was generally unfavorable.[1][2] Internet review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 14% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 108 reviews, with an average rating of 3.37/10. The site's critics consensus reads, "This sequel to Blair Witch Project is all formula and no creativity, mechanically borrowing elements from the original and other horror movies."[3] Metacritic reported, based on 34 reviews, a weighted average score of 15 out of 100, indicating "overwhelming dislike".[4] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "D-" on an A+ to F scale.[5]

In a review published in The Guardian it was noted: "Everything—and I mean everything—that made The Blair Witch Project a little indie masterpiece has been falsified and trashed in this spectacularly bad sequel."[6] Roger Ebert, who gave the first film four stars (out of four), gave Book of Shadows two stars, calling it "a muddled, sometimes-atmospheric effort that could have come from many filmmakers" and "not a very lucid piece of filmmaking".[7] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly awarded the film a C-, calling it "a flat heebie jeebies thriller."[8] Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film is "better made than the original, and its writing contains a subtlety and wit the original film lacked."[9] Anwar Brett of the BBC rated the film three out of four stars, calling it "a chilling, highly effective journey made with intelligence and a handful of effective, goose-bump-inducing moments."[10]

Shawn Levy of The Oregonian wrote: "There are moments of pleasure, humor, and [...] terror to be had here."[11] Luke Y. Thompson of the Dallas Observer said the film "deserves points for creativity" but is "not entirely successful."[12] Margaret McGurk of The Cincinnati Enquirer noted prominent documentary influences present in the film, comparing elements of the psychiatric hospital sequences to Frederick Wiseman's Titicut Follies, adding: "Even well-versed moviegoers may not catch some of the most interesting aspects of Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. That's because they refer to, draw upon and mimic documentaries, which as a genre represent the least-seen movies in America. No surprise there."[13] Chris Kaltenbach of The Baltimore Sun noted that the film "gets credit for avoiding the easy path. Too bad the path it chooses doesn't lead us anywhere we want to be taken."[14] Jack Mathews of the New York Daily News commented that "the characters are boring, the violence generic, the suspense nonexistent".[15] Wesley Morris of The San Francisco Examiner called the film "throwaway megaplex fodder,"[16] while Melody Moss of Seattle's The Stranger wrote: "This film is so bad, no amount of high-priced marketing tools--glitzy trailers, live webcasts, star-studded soundtrack CDs--can save it. And the motivation behind this dreck is all too clear: pure and simple greed."[17]

Web reviewers such as Berge Garabedian of gave the film a favorable review, calling it a "decent psychological mystery filled with paranoia and delusions, which messes with your head and demands that you keep thinking about it, even after you've left the theatre."[18] Laura Clifford of Reeling Reviews also praised the film, writing: "It's a surprisingly intelligent and welcome addition to a genre that's usually a dumping ground for low budget efforts."[19]

In Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia (2011), film scholar Phillip Dimare notes: "While the film's premise of self-consciously examining the concept of cult films in general is an interesting example of intertextual play, the sequel lack[s] the aesthetic minimalism of the first film; instead, it tried to make the Blair Witch more tangible and sensationalistic... the horror of Book of Shadows was just too imagistically present."Template:Sfn

Contemporary reviews of the film have been more positive. In a 2016 article published by Bloody Disgusting, Brendan Morrow defended the film, calling it "an excellent 'descent into madness film'," and noted the studio's intervention in post-production: "In Book of Shadows, Berlinger took his hatred of the first movie's dishonesty and made an entire film out of it, commenting on the danger of blurring the line between fiction and reality. Had Artisan stayed out of the edit bay and let the man do his job, perhaps Book of Shadows could have been something truly special."[20] Another retrospective published by Collider noted: "one can see interesting ideas about possession, filmmaking, and belief littered throughout, but the [film's] narrative is overworked to the point that no concept or storyline really gains much momentum."[21]

Alternate versions[]

While director Joe Berlinger has commented on the possibility of a Director's Cut more in line with his original intentions being unlikely due to the negative commercial and critical response, 2 fanedits exist online for Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, both of which attempt to bring the film more in line with Berlinger's original vision - the best known of which, Blair Witch 2: Recut by faneditor AgentSamStanley, received positive feedback from director Berlinger.


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