Blair Witch

Black Hills Forest

The Black Hills Forest is located just outside of Burkittsville, Maryland, in the Frederick County. It's the location of many incidents involving the Blair Witch legend; however, evidence indicates that the local Native tribes may have believed that the woods were haunted or infested by a malevolent presence long before Elly Kedward came to the area. Coffin Rock and Black Rock State Park are located in the Black Hills Forest.


In 1886, a search party looking for six-year-old child Robin Weaver had gone missing and were later found at Coffin Rock nude, tied together and disemboweled with strange occultist symbols carved into their foreheads and lower back areas. Those who discovered them returned with help, but the bodies had vanished.

In 1941, a woman named Alma Ketterly was driving through the forest in an attempt to bring her passenger Lee Irwin to the Babcock Orphanage in West Virginia. During the drive, the vehicle encountered a snowstorm which obscured Alma's vision enough to cause the vehicle to crash into a tree that promptly led to her death. Her passenger survived and was then reportedly taken by Rustin Parr who lived nearby.[1]

At some point, the Stranger, who was a member of the Spookhouse organization, attempted to investigate the veracity of the legends in Black Hills including the ones related to the Blair Witch. Despite his efforts, his investigation failed to yield any evidence of ghosts or anything to support the claims of the various legends. Thus he came to the conclusion that there was no truth to the legends.[2]

On October 21, 1994, student filmmakers Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams hike into the Black Hills Forest to investigate the Blair Witch legend and were never seen again.[3] Days after their disappearance, the Maryland State Police launched a ten-days search of the Black Hills area. The search was soon called off after 33,000 man hours failed to find a trace of the filmmakers.

In 2014, James Donahue, Lisa Arlington, Peter Jones, and Ashley Bennett led by local guides Lane and Talia ventured into the Black Hills to uncover the disappearance of the 1994 filmmakers. Similar to the events twenty years ago, the group were never seen again.[4] Beginning in May 23, the police and volunteers launched an exhaustive and failed search for the missing people that was eventually called off on September 23.



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