Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes discussing the history of Burkittsville.

Bill Barnes is a resident of Burkittsville, Maryland, and is known as the town historian.


Childhood Edit

As a boy, young Bill once spoke with Robin Weaver and she told him the story of the mysterious woman who took her into a house in the woods.

Adulthood Edit

For quite a few years, Bill has been the executive director of the Burkittsville Historical Society and tries to keep the town's history alive to people who come behind him.

Bill once had one of the only known copies of the rare book The Blair Witch Cult, which he believes to be very factual, but it was taken away from him by the Maryland Historical Society, as it had belonged to them.

In early 1999, Bill was interviewed for the documentary Curse of the Blair Witch.

The following year he was interviewed for the documentary Burkittsville 7. He would later regret appearing on the documentary as he didn't approve of the conclusions of the documentary's producer Chris Carrazco who pushed the hypothesis that Kyle Brody, not Rustin Parr, was the mastermind behind the Burkittsville Seven murders.

In the same year he appeared in the documentary Shadow of the Blair Witch.

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