Blair Witch

Beth Krizer is the last alias used by a young woman in The Blair Witch Files book The Witch's Daughter.


Through out the entire book, she used the name Leslie Wolf. She worked to help Justin Petit unravel the mystery of Lee Irwin. In the end, Justin was set to meet her in the woods, the night before he left. He found her standing in a clearing chanting while dripping blood over a pentagram. Leslie revealed that she was actually Lee Irwin and was immortal. She proceeded to chase Justin through the woods, cornering him, leaving him to consider jumping off a cliff to safety. Breaking into laughter she revealed that the entire thing had been an act, and that her name was actually Beth Krizer and a drama major at Frederick County Community College. When Cade Merrill looked into Beth nothing turned up leading to the question, is she actually Lee Papert?

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