Blair Witch
Angie Donahue

Angie Donahue posting a missing persons poster.

Angela "Angie" Donahue was the wife of Jim Donahue, the mother of Heather and James Donahue, and the aunt of Cade Merrill.

Following her daughter's disappearance when Heather went missing in October 1994 in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while filming a documentary about the Blair Witch, she posted hundreds of missing persons posters in the Burkittsville area. When a ten-day search turned up nothing, Angie began an exhaustive personal search for Heather and her companions, hiring private investigator Buck Buchanan to do an independent investigation into her daughter's disappearance.

In October 1995, students at the University of Maryland’s anthropology department discovered a duffle bag containing film cans, DAT tapes, video cassettes, a Hi8 camera, Heather’s journal and a CP-16 film camera buried under the foundation of a 100-year-old cabin. Sheriff Cravens examined the evidence and announced that the footage was the property of Heather and her crew.

Select pieces of footage were shown to the families in December 1995, which provided no conclusive evidence of what happened to them. The families questioned the thoroughness of the analysis and demanded another look.

In February 1996, more footage was shown, which law enforcement officials deemed to have been faked. Outraged, Angie went public with her criticism, causing Cravens to restrict all access to the evidence. Two lawsuits failed to lift the restriction.

In March 1996, the Sheriff's Department announced that the evidence was inconclusive and the case was once again declared inactive and unsolved. The footage was released to the families in October 1997. Angie contacted Haxan Films to examine the footage and piece together the events of October 1994.

By around the year 2000-2001, she still continued with efforts to look into the disappearance of her daughter. She notably kept Heather's room in their New York home in the same state as it was when Heather last left it. That same year, she hosted Cade Merrill's stay during his latest attempts to investigate the Blair Witch.