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SHERIFF SAYS TODDLER CRIED WOLF war ein Zeitungartikel, der am 5. September 2000 auf Cade Merrills Webseite über die Blair Witch erschien. Es ging um ein im Black Hills Forest verschwundenes dreijähriges Mädchen namens Jamie Thornton.

Text (auf Englisch)[]

BURKITTSVILLE, September 5, 2000 - "Let me make this perfectly clear: There are no wolves in Black Hills Forest," Ronald Cravens, Sheriff of Burkittsville, Maryland, states yesterday. "Coyotes, sure. But no wolves."

Janelle and Robert Thornton, both 35, were driving home to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, with their daughter Jamie, 3. While the family was enjoying a picnic lunch in the woods, the child apparently wandered off. Her parents found her fifteen minutes later, backed up against a tree by a large silvery-gray animal, which disappeared into the woods when the Thornton's arrived. "We didn't really get a good look at it," Mr. Thornton explained. "I was so worried about Jamie, I couldn't focus on anything else. But it seemed way too large for a dog or coyote. Looked like a wolf to me."

But Sheriff Cravens had a different take on the incident. "Some coyotes have grayish, black-tipped fur, so you might confuse one with a wolf," he went on to explain. "The Thorntons are strangers to these parts. They were probably frightened and I don't blame them, but their little girl really wasn't in any danger. Coyotes rarely attack humans."

When asked to describe the animal, the child insisted it wasn't a wolf. "Not like in Little Red Riding Hood," she said. "It was a big silver kitty. And its eyes were like mine."