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Der Brief wurde von Eliza Baynes an Cade Merrill geschrieben. Es ging um Elizas bevorstehende Hinrichtung wegen eines Mordes, den laut ihr die Blair Witch Elly Kedward begangen hatte. Ein ungefähr zwölfjähriger Junge, der sich Joe nannte, stellte den Brief zu.

Auf dem Brief stand kein Absender und er enthielt keine Unterschrift, sondern nur Elizas Namen in klein geschriebenen Buchstaben.

Inhalt (auf Englisch)[]

Dear Cade Merrill,

You've got to help me. I've been convicted of a murder I did not commit. I know all about you. You are the only person who will understand. The real killer is the Blair Witch. Elly Kedward. Nobody believes me, thought.

I am going to die. Soon. Don't ask me how I know this. I just know. Before it's too late, I want you to tell my story. But if I do, you'll die too. Just like all the others.

Everyone else I've told my story to is dead. Nobody has heard it and survived. But I have to tell someone what really happened. I don't want to die being the only one to know the truth.

Please come see me before it's too late. I'm begging you.

eliza baynes