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"THE WITCH DID IT!" CLAIMS GIRL ACCUSED OF MURDER war ein Zeitungartikel, der am 7. Juli 1998 auf Cade Merrills Webseite über die Blair Witch erschien. Eliza Baynes beschuldigt darin die Blair Witch, am Tod ihres Freundes Schuld zu sein.

Text (auf Englisch)[]

Arguing that their client's testimony plainly demonstrates she is unfit to stand trial, attorneys for accused murderer Eliza Baynes asked Judge Jonathan Smith to dismiss the case against her today.

Baynes has repeatedly insisted she is innocent of the murder of her boyfriend, twenty-year-old Jake Henderson. She claims the real murderer is Burkittsville's most celebrated legend, the Blair Witch.

Cades Notiz[]

Note fact that the testimony occurred immediately after appearance of newspaper article marking the anniversary of Heather, Mike, and Josh's disappearance. Does Eliza Baynes have access to current publications? Her lawyers must. Judge Smith considered "tough on crime." Unlikely he'll fall for this defense.